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Feast Africa Tours - BIG on Food & BIG on Travel

With a Cultural and Food centric approach to our tours, we aim to offer all budget ranges exceptional food tour experiences

Our all-inclusive Day tours focus on offering the very best Culinary Safari and Tasting Adventure experiences in and around Cape Town & Beyond.

A Culinary Safari is an all-inclusive day excursion out of Cape Town to the Cape Winelands with visits to historic towns and well-known wine farms with breathtaking scenery and some of the highest mountain passes along the way. We will drive through scenic sections of the Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek wine routes whilst enjoying exceptional country fair, tastings and hospitality. This is a great day out.
Expect exceptional food & beverage-centric experience from beginning to the end at some exceptional venues whilst exploring the breathtaking Winelands region.

A Tasting Adventures is an all-inclusive day excursion designed to be a lot of fun and with your interests in mind and can range from Wine Tastings, Craft Beer, Gin & other spirit tasting experiences paired with small tasting plates/trays for the perfect companion in creating an exceptional food tour offering. We will explore local food with a twist, international trends done locally in on of the worlds food capitals whilst enjoying the bounty of Africa and its scenic beauty.

We offer exceptional Market Shuttle Programs and found Market Hopping to be a great way to experience multiple regions and the culture of local people instead of enjoying a meal at just another boring restaurant.
Go Market Hopping with us on an Evening or Day Market Hopping program to the several regions exploring local community markets and the sights around them.

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